“The Guy” in Physical Science 101

Esau and I met on January 26th, 2010. I was late for Physical Science 101 and so when I walked into the stuffy, small room I sat down in the last seat all the way in the back (I’m usually more of a front-seat kind of girl). Plopping my book bag on the floor, I brushed my hair out of my face and the first thing I saw was this guy’s rather giant head (sorry babe).

“Dang! That guy has a huge head!”, were my exact thoughts.

I kid you not, the very next thought I had was, “the man sitting in front of you is going to be your husband”.

Get out of town. That was a stupid thought. No way, God. I haven’t even seen his face yet!

Class went on for that hour and ten minutes, and I continued to get distracted by the guy sitting in front of me. Yes, he had a big head. But he also had big muscles. And I liked his style. So, if I could maybe just get a peek at his face?!

Before I knew it my first class with my future husband was over. I quickly grabbed my stuff and ran out the door (because if you know me, I wanted to be anywhere but in a classroom). Following behind me was “the guy”. He came beside me and said, “It’s going to get hot in there, huh?”.

“What in the….?”, I thought.

“The room. Physical Science 101. It’s going to get hot in there because it’s so small and,” …

“Oh! Yeah. Totally”, was my lame response.

“Hi, my name is Esau”.

“What??”, again, not so cool.

“Esau. And yours?”. I still didn’t understand (but pretended like I did).

“Alyssa. Nice to meet you”. Staying cool, staying cool.

Over the next two months, “the guy” and I became friends. And he became my tutor, because I was failing miserably. Feelings started to grow for him and I was hoping he was feeling the same way. We finally went on our first date to Sushi Deli here in Downtown, San Diego. I can say that it was that night I knew I’d marry him.

One year, and one month later, Esau proposed to me. Back then we both drank coffee, so we sat on top of Mt. Helix with our Frappuccino’s in hand before heading off to school (yep, still in school here but now we were both at SDSU).

Five months, one dress, one mini-cake, and fifty cupcakes later, we were married on August 27th, 2011. It was the night that I married my best friend.

The next 5 years proved to be the most emotionally exhausting and exhilarating years of our lives. From health issues, to financial loses. From the birth of our son, to dream trips to NYC and Yosemite National Park. From two plus years of nothing but stress due to the CPA licensing program, to waiting (and more waiting) for a perfect job for Esau. We’ve been through our fair share of rollercoaster rides, but there has always been hope and faith in God to lead us. And I am so happy that God chose Esau to be the guy next to me through the hard times.

If there is one thing that I’ve learned about marriage, it’s this:

Never go to bed angry and ALWAYS say sorry when you’re wrong (even if you’re not).

Friends, maybe your married, or recently engaged. Possibly you’re single. Whatever season you’re in, know that God is with you, he has a plan for you, your marriage, and your future. If you expect to have a perfect marriage, you won’t be able to go through those “downs” together with endurance. To have a successful marriage, you both need to understand that our flesh is fallen, and prone to sin. Therefore, we must pray together, worship together, read the Word together and trust in the Lord to not only sustain our marriage, but to allow it to thrive. I can say without a doubt that we probably wouldn’t be where we are today, if even married, if it weren’t for Jesus.

How did you meet your spouse? What crazy things has God done in your marriage? Let me know, I’d love to hear!!





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