Resist The Urge

Ahhhh three-day weekends. They’re amazing, right? More time with your family, friends, and extra time carved out for hobbies.

And then you wake up on Tuesday.

I don’t know about you, but I find that every Tuesday following a three-day weekend, I wake up with a swirling head that is eager to start making a to-do list stat.

And it robs my positive mood and sets me up for a frazzled day.

Today was no different. We woke before Ezra (woohoo!!) and had time to just rest before our tornado of a son jumped into our bed. Once he did wake (and the storm began), we had our cuddle session (and by cuddling, I mean kicking me in the ribs, slapping my chest, and giving the occasional sloppy kiss on the cheek), we went out to the living room to officially welcome the day. I pulled back the blinds, gave Ezra his breakfast, and looked at my calendar.

Oh crap! It’s Tuesday?! I haven’t meal planned for this week because I was being fashionably lazy this weekend. Gotta make a trip to the grocery store. And do laundry. And the dishes from the weekend are piled high in the sink, so those need to be done. And oh yeah! I had scheduled a play date for today. *input a swirling motion going around my head, with my eyes crossed in a complete daze*

Yes, I had overwhelmed my entire body within a few minutes of waking.

I promptly started my to-do list as my son played next to me on the couch. But you know toddlers. I’d say that within two minutes he was asking me to play with him.

“Mama, mama! Play!”.

“Mama is busy honey. I’ll play with you in just a sec”.

Twenty minutes later, I’m in the kitchen cleaning up when Ezra walks in.

“Mama! Mama! Play, play!!”.

“I’m sorry honey. Just one more minute”.

Unfortunately, I made two more excuses like this before I actually sat down to play with my son. And I felt terrible. My son doesn’t care if there are dishes in the sink. He doesn’t care if that other Hot Wheel is put away before his nap. He just cares that mommy plays with him.

As the day continued, I struggled to say, “just one more second” to him. Yet, I vowed to myself that when my son asked for me to play with him, I would stop whatever it was that I was doing, and play. We danced, we jumped, we doodled, and we put stickers on our faces. And it was a blast.

Friends, the mess can wait a little while. Our babies will only be babies for a tiny bit of time. More so, they will only want to play with us for a tiny amount of time. Take the opportunity to be silly with your children and make memories in the midst of chaos. Your relationship with your children is more important than clean floors and an organized living room. I hope that today, and every day, you can put your to-do list aside when your littles are asking to put stickers on their faces with you.





Verse of the day:

Psalms 46:10: He says, “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

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