What A Good Year Is…and Isn’t


At the end of every year I always find myself saying, “I can’t believe how quick this year went! Where did it go?!”. Especially this year. The last two years have been incredible. Incredibly beautiful, incredibly exhausting, incredibly heartbreaking, incredibly magical. As a New Year approaches I typically set out a pen and paper and jot down some goals, or ideas that I want to accomplish. I save these lists of aspirations so that at the end of the year I can judge myself on my successes. However, after two long and growing years, I have come to see that my success, or happiness for that matter, never occurred when I completed my lists.

I know some of the most popular resolutions people set out to complete is to lose weight, stop smoking, buy a new house, or get a promotion. And while none of these things are a bad goal to conquer, I was recently challenged to think outside of the box and go deeper.

What to you makes a “good” year? Now let me ask you this; what makes you feel successful? Accomplished? Happy? Each person is different and each will respond in different ways, and again, I’m not going to tell you that if you feel happiest at the gym then you’re shallow. However, I do believe each and every one of us is designed for more than surface level passions.

Below I have brainstormed seven things that I believe make a good year, and seven things that I feel don’t.

A Good Year Is…

  1. A good year is one filled with hope…no matter what happens.
  2. A good year is finding more time to spend with the ones who you love.
  3. A good year happens when you stop making excuses for your bad habits.
  4. A good year happens when you do something for the greater good of someone else.
  5. A good year is when you forgive someone who has hurt you.
  6. A good year is when you conquer a fear…or two.
  7. A good year happens when you finally decide to let Gods love heal all the years before, and the mistakes in them.

A Good Year Isn’t…

  1. A good year isn’t about earning more money.
  2. A good year doesn’t happen when you buy your dream house.
  3. A good year doesn’t mean that you figured out all your problems.
  4. A good year doesn’t happen when your kids attend the best private school.
  5. A good year isn’t about getting the new iPhone, Apple watch, or fashionable handbag.
  6. A good year doesn’t happen when you get 100 likes on your Instagram photo.
  7. A good year isn’t about having your calendar booked with the most important social events.

Friends, maybe you are where I was and believed that in order to have a successful and happy year I had to earn more money, buy my dream house, and attend as many social gatherings as possible. That’s just not true (and it’s exhausting!). Let’s look at 2017 differently. Let’s set out to love more, rather than do more. Let’s rest more in the embrace of the One who loves us as we are, not for what we have or have accomplished.

Happy New Year!




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