Don’t Get Distracted

So a few weeks ago I wrote about how long it took for me to actually follow Gods calling on my life and start writing. Well, I kind of like to think of this blog as being its sequel.

As I explained in I Have No Voice, I finally accepted that God has plans for me as a writer and it came in May at a mom’s prayer group. So why did it take five months for me to post my first blog? Which by the way, was on a whim and I literally had no plans to post it that day, but the Lord pushed me off the couch and onto the office chair 😉

Well, other than being afraid of what it meant to write in such a public format, I had several distractions vying for my attention. Some of them were expected and predictable, like my son getting sick or family coming into town almost the whole month of September. Yet, others were distractions that I should have been better at saying, “No” to.

Over the course of five months where I dabbled here and there with my writing, there were multiple people that came to me with different business opportunities, in which I’d be able to work from home. Score! Work from home and make money? Yes please. I looked into each with much interest and almost even signed up with one of them. But the night before I was going to call and sign on, I couldn’t settle. I tossed and turned, and my mind raced with what felt like guilt that I wasn’t following Gods plan, and I knew it. I knew I was turning my back on what God had called me to, but I thought that making money was more important, and that I needed to do it to be a happier mom, wife, and woman. That was the lie I had believed.

The next morning I asked my husband what he thought of my inability to stick with writing. Of course he gave me a very wise answer. He explained, “You’re not content with the calling on your life. You want more. Sometimes Gods plan doesn’t always look appealing or even satisfying at first, but it always leads to great things. Focus on what you’re good at, and forget the rest.” I mean, whaaaaaat? He always knows what to say.

I also wanted to include that just because that particular opportunity wasn’t right for me then, doesn’t mean that it won’t be later. But there are seasons in life where our attention needs to be where our hearts have been called, and ignoring that can lead to unnecessary conflict. Those women who can lead those at-home small businesses are truly amazing in my eyes and I look up to them. Each and every woman is called to do something outstanding and no one else can do it but them.

Friends, maybe you know what you’re called to. Maybe you don’t. I urge you to seek wisdom, read the Word, and press into God as He will lead you. Sometimes the answer comes the second you ask, and sometimes it takes a bit longer. Sometimes the plan is what you had in mind, and sometimes it’s going to feel awkward and push you outside of your comfort zone. But as my husband said, when you find that special task that God has set out before you, stick with it. Trust Him to lead you to the great things it has for you. You won’t be disappointed.



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